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Q.S.S. rare

Q.S.S. rare

A Unique Combination
The perfect union between the wines of Quinta de S. Sebastião, with more than 300 years of tradition in wine production in Arruda dos Vinhos, and a cause, the endangered animals!

The most recent wines from Quinta de S. Sebastião, QSS Rare range, were born combining two purposes: to offer vibrant and modern wines produced in a millenary terroir and to support organizations that are in the front line in the important fight against the extinction of species that are currently endangered, drawing the consumer's attention to this very worrying issue.

Embark with us on this trip that will introduce you to some of the most interesting species of our ecosystem while tasting wines from the unique terroir of Arruda dos Vinhos, which have already been internationally awarded by the most prestigious critics. (e.g. Wine Enthusiast, Berliner Wine Trophy).

Come and discover our Rare wines!



These are wines produced in Arruda dos Vinhos, a Lisbon sub-region with a millenary tradition in wine production. Our vineyards are located on gentle slopes with altitudes ranging from 100 to 250 meters. They benefit from excellent sun exposure and a climate slightly tempered by the Atlantic Ocean, which is located about 35 km from our properties. Our vineyards' soils are predominantly clay-limestone.




Iberian Lynx

Lynx pardinus



Sardina pilchardus



Panthera Tigris

Cavalo Marinho





The League for the Protection of Nature (LPN) is an Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO) of national scope and public utility. With over 70 years of existence, the LPN is the oldest environmental protection association in the Iberian Peninsula.

Its mission is to contribute to the Preservation of Nature and to Environmental Protection, with a view to sustainable development, ensuring a quality of life for current and future generations.

The LPN develops various types of activities at national, regional, and local level, including the monitoring of public environmental policy, civic intervention through projects of Nature and Environmental Conservation, Research, Training, Education and Environmental Awareness.

Many awards and distinctions have already been awarded to the LPN, such as the Order of Infante Dom Henrique (1994), the Order of Merit (1998) and the title of Honorary Member of the Order of Public Instruction (2018).

Save Wild Tigers

Save Wild Tigers (;) is a global initiative registered in both the Uk and Malaysia whose mission is to provide urgent and ongoing targeted support for tiger conservation.

Save Wild Tigers works towards preventing the extinction of the wild tiger across its most viable landscapes, creating an environment whereby the wild tiger can thrive in its natural habitat. We recognise that to achieve this we need to work towards reducing demand for (captive and non-captive) tiger skins, bones and parts & derivatives, thereby stopping the illegal wildlife trade and poaching of wild tigers. We also recognise that we must protect valuable tiger habitat and interlinked ecosystems. To do this we must ensure that humans living in tiger landscapes share our vision and are fully supported.

Uniquely Save Wild Tigers brings the marketing and creative world to the tiger cause creating high impact inspirational campaigns, helping to inspire all and raising global awareness levels and resulting in funds for our conservation partners.

The Tiger is more than just the charismatic animal we see on TV. It is a keystone species that represents the very heart and soul of the jungle. By saving the wild tiger and protecting its habitat, we also save countless other species that would otherwise be destroyed by human need and, far too often, greed. If we cannot save the iconic tiger, what hope exists for the multitude of endangered species that will inevitably follow in the tiger’s tracks? Visit




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